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Pup's Surgery In September?!

August 19th, 2008 at 03:44 pm

BF Food @ Work: $1.30

$50 from "Slush" to "Pets" account.
$50 from "Slush" to "Christmas" account.
(Totals will come at month end.)
$50 from BBT Checking to "Pets" account.

$113.61 Mailed to Personal Loan
$179.78 Mailed to Car Loan (#33)
$27.40 Paid to Electric Bill
$20 Given to Brother #2's Birthday
$30 Given to Brother #1's Birthday


Book #1 is up to $32.01 on Ebay. Yes!!!

Now if I could only get a bid on Book #2. I have two watchers still, but nobody has bid yet. Grrr.

I am thinking of putting some books on either Half.Com or Amazon.Com, since I doubt I'll ever read them again, and they don't hold any sentimental value. I know I won't get much for them, but anything would be a plus.

Work was alright today. My boss's boss was there, so that's always a little stressful. We were busy, but not necessarily with customers. I can't wait for Thursday (my day off)!


Finally got ahold of the pup's surgeon today. He shocked me when he said he'd talked to the head vet surgeon for hip surgery at Ohio State (the premiere research place for the surgery)... and with the new implants they use, they can do them in younger dogs. He suggested that we do our pup's next month!!!

He reassured me that it wouldn't hurt anything to go ahead and do it, and I figure it can only help... as his affected leg is already showing some atrophy from not getting as much use as his others. The sooner we get him fixed up, the sooner those muscles can catch up to the rest.

Plus - I was really stressing out about his surgery being around Christmas. The recovery is pretty intense, and I didn't know how we were going to accomplish giving our pup the care he needs while trying to Christmas shop and travel for the holidays. At least this way, the two month recovery time would be over by the holidays.

So added to my to do list is calling the surgical center and setting up an appointment for a consultation & x-rays in the next two weeks. Assumming he is okayed for surgery and put on the list, we'll have to put down a $500 deposit, and pay the rest after the surgery to the surgical center. While I've got them on the phone, I'm going to see if they offer the veterinary financing plan that will allow us 0% interest. If not, I'll have to go back to the banks and get a personal loan for the amount. I was approved the last time I inquired about it, so I should be okay now.

Even though the expense is coming alot sooner than we expected, if it all works out, it will be nice to have no FUTURE debt to dread. I think we will really feel like we're "over the hump" then, even if it is a long road ahead.

Now I'm just starting to stress about the surgery itself. My poor little guy... we'll have to leave him for two days, and I don't know if they even allow visiting before/after surgery.


And some pure randomness: my mom called me obsessively at work today, so I thought something might be wrong and answered. She then proceeds to tell me that she just bought us a TomTom. Why? Because I'm "such a wonderful daughter" and she never gets to do anything for me anymore. It is totally out of the blue, but I guess she was trying to think of something to do for us, and remembered all our stories of me getting lost on work trips, and BF misreading directions to hiking trails.

Of course I'm very grateful, and still a bit shocked that she did it... but I also kind of wish I could've waited until Christmas for it (just so that I could've researched which one I really wanted). But I'm sure there's not too much difference in what we'd be using it for, and it was free, so I definitely cannot be anything but appreciative.

It was after I got off the phone with her that I realized how difficult it is for me to show appreciation sometimes. I have no idea why, because I definitely always am appreciative... but I think maybe because I hate for anyone to think I need help or even offer it to me. Sounds weird, I know, but I've always been almost obsessed with self-sufficiency.


Nothing more to report for now - I may update this post a little later if I end up paying some bills or moving some money around. Smile

6 Responses to “Pup's Surgery In September?!”

  1. whitestripe Says:

    i am the same way, about showing appreciation.
    it's hard for me to let someone else get something for me, or even pour me a drink when i could easily do it myself. i just feel awkward. at the same time, i do all this stuff for other people though. isn't it weird? i have begun thinking about it a lot, and realised people expect me to do things for them too (like my flatmate) but then i realised that she actually doesn't do a lot for me. so i have really been trying to accept it when people do things for me and try to not do things for other people all the time. which sounds kind of mean, but, i do A LOT for other people all the time, so i think it's ok... Big Grin

  2. sillyoleme Says:

    I agree greengirl... I think there are definitely people who have no problem taking advantage of "giving" people. It is odd to me when I see other people accept help (or even charity) without so much as a blink. I can't even imagine acting that way.

    I've been thinking about it too, and I realized that the only person I truly show appreciation or excitement to is BF. Even with my own family, it's so hard for me to be overly gushy about how much I appreciate something. It is weird isn't it!

  3. Ima saver Says:

    How much is the surgery going to be?

  4. sillyoleme Says:

    From what I was told when we first started talking about it, the pre-surgery consulations/x-rays, surgery itself (two surgeons are required), implants, and post-surgery checkups will be about $5000 total. :S

  5. baselle Says:

    Its taken me over 20 years that sometimes the best gift you can give is to let someone help you out. I still have issues with it, esp when I get a whiff of a feeling that someone could control me using gifts.

    What's a TomTom?

  6. sillyoleme Says:

    A TomTom is one brand of navigation system. We've been wanting one for a while, but I certainly wasn't going to spend the money on it. I had planned to ask for it for Christmas, since I can never really think of anything besides "giftcards" for my family to get me.

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