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I think expense-tracking just COST me money.

July 8th, 2008 at 03:55 pm

Gas For My Truck: $9.01 ($151.11/$600.02)
Coke at Work: $1.00 ($15.66/$100)


Kind of. While I was updating our expenses in my blog last night, I had to dig out the receipt for the pup's crate from my wallet.

When I left for work this morning, I gave BF $30 of the $50 from the sale of the crate to use for gas, and I decided that I would keep the other $20 at home and put my gas on the DC, since it would be alot more than $20.

I was running low on gas this morning, but because I had to leave at 6:30, I didn't want to be late because I stopped at the gas station. So after work today (in the boiling heat), I walk out to the truck to find that I have LEFT my wallet at home. I had no cash because I'd left it, and no checkbook, credit cards, anything.

I was freaking out, and then (thankfully) I found my old debit card that had fallen into the bottom of my purse. I wasn't sure how much was left in the account, but I knew it was probably under $5. So I stopped at the first station and got $4.01. Unfortunately, that lasted me only halfway. I had to stop again, and got $5.01. I just checked our updated balance for that account, and it is $4.41.

That bank charges $30 PER overdraft. Thankfully, the first one should be fine. But the second one could cost me $30 for $5.01 in gas. ((Puke))

My only hope is that the debit won't go through until Friday (it varies), and I can somehow get the $5.00 in there to cover it. The worst part is that the bank is two states away and has no branches here... so I am going to call my mom and see if one of them can run a deposit there for me.

I still have the two checks from her and my brother for the loan reimbursement that I haven't deposited yet, so I may tell her to just go ahead and make out another check to deposit into THAT account, and I'll rip up the one I have here. Surely, since her account is at the same bank, they would deposit it to my account the same day?

If we have to pay the $30, it will hurt. We've been doing so well this month with budgeting and expenses and tracking, I would hate this setback. It was definitely avoidable... if I had taken time to ensure that my wallet was with me this morning, but at least it wasn't just purposely spending on stuff we didn't need.


In other news, I'm going to list some of my clothes on Craigslist. I have so many (shirts especially) that have only been worn a few times or not at all (Christmas presents), maybe someone will be willing to pay a few bucks for them. I also have several pair of name-brand jeans that don't fit anymore, so I'm listing those too. It's free, so there's no reason not to try.


Work was horrible today. With the manager on vacation, it seems like everyone wants to be bossy and get an attitude. Even people I typically like, they have all started acting like they're the boss. And even worse, I am actually supposed to be telling them what to do in some cases.

I am very worried that I have become too friendly with some of the other employees. When I was here by myself, and knew nobody, they were the only ones I talked to and I started to become friends with a few.

It didn't help that the manager never gave me any authority or responsibility, unless she wanted to unload an unwanted task on me at the last minute. I understand that you have to work in the trenches to learn any job, but it would kill me when she would let other (part-time) employees do inventories, paperwork, price changes, etc. I honestly felt like she forgot that I was there to be trained.

And now that she's gone on vacation, suddenly I am left with all this responsibility and coworkers that obviously don't view me as someone they need to listen to.

A specific example - today I told one of the cashiers (who I am friendly with) that when the pallet jack was returned, I was going to tell the warehouse guys to bring up a pallet of product for the front display. I walk to the back to get paperwork, and when I get back, the pallet is there. Why did she think it was okay to go ahead and do that? There were plenty of other things she could've been doing, tons of stuff to put on the shelves.

Now I am just trying to figure out what my action plan needs to be. Do I go nazi-manager-trainee on them and demand that they listen to me, or do I try to gradually (but firmly) enforce what I say?


One small bit of good news is that I got a nice little package in the mail yesterday. It was a free gift from Nexxus, two full-size bottles of hair products. I participate in an online forum about beauty products and research, and this was a reward for part of it. Yay! Smile

5 Responses to “I think expense-tracking just COST me money.”

  1. gamecock43 Says:

    I hate jobs. you just stated why. LOL. Anyways, pick and chjoose your battle. When I managed a retail store I was a nazi about not hanging around the counter, and to keep the store racks looking clean. Everything else I let slide. They complained about me for a good 2 weeks because *gasp* I made them work when they are used to hanging at the counter unless the store was a disaster. But then they grew to love me. They got used to my standards and forgot that they hated me.
    I am guessing your employee went ahead and did the work to prove her competence. To show that she knows alot and deserves respect. I would suggest embracing her competence. Do not let yourself feel 'threatened' which is common between employee/managers, but use the employee skills to your advantage, their good work makes you shine. Their work is attributed to you, not that you are not needed cuz they can do the work without you.

  2. sillyoleme Says:

    Thanks gamecock. I guess it's just overwhelming at times, because I have yet to figure out where I "fit in" on the power scale there. I'm new to the company, so I don't want to overstep and tell a cashier something wrong. But I also don't want to just stand around and listen to the part-time cashiers "tell" me what to do.

    At our store, there is a manager, two assistant managers, a merchandise person, and another full-time person who have all been w/ the company 20+ years. Most of the warehouse guys have been there that long, and even the part-time cashiers have worked there about a year. It's hard to know when I'm supposed to be telling someone what to do, and when I'm supposed to be asking them what they want ME to do.

    I wouldn't mind at all if I had ASKED the cashier to do something and she did it, but she is always going around trying to "help". Her attitude towards me is a bit disrespectful most of the time (as it is to everyone except the manager & assistants), and I think part of it is my fault for letting it be that way. If I had put my foot down and acted like someone who deserved to be listened to and respected from the get-go, it might be different now.

    BF keeps telling me that I need to remember that I did WORK for the position I'm in. I grew up on a farm, working my hind-end off, then got a scholarship and graduated college with my bachelor's in 3 1/2 years. I've always worked while taking classes, gradually getting into more professional jobs. And now I catch myself feeling like everyone else is better suited than myself. Frown

  3. gamecock43 Says:

    ahhh its tough. but you will learn so much. These first few months are the worst then you settle into a routine. Then there will be a horrible screw up, and people will accuse you and you might have something to do with it, but not purposely, then you must earn everyones trust again, then you are pigeon holed as a certain competence level and can never rise above it and eventually will feel like you can do your bosses job. Then its time to move on. Thats the typical life span of a job. Alot to look forward to. Thank god I dont have a corporate job right now. LOL.

  4. Ms. Pearl Says:

    I am a supervisor on nights and am very friendly with some of the people I work with. I worry about this a lot too. I worry that the other employees whom I am not as close with will feel I am biased toward certain others...which I don't think I am but maybe?

    Anyway, I totally understand what you are saying. I have a hangup on wanting to be known as the "nice supervisory" because the lady that works opposite my nights is VERY strict. I really cannot offer great advice but I am absolutely understand what you are going through. I think the best thing to do is to maintain boundaries and remember you can't be everyone's friend.

  5. bk2nocal Says:

    I think its easy to misread people's actions as being disrespectful, so tread carefully as it is always better to have someone who is willing to take action than someone who will not. Maybe the cashier heard you saying what you did and read it as "this is something I am going to HAVE to do" and so she thought she was helping you out by doing it FOR you.
    So, maybe approach it by saying, "hey, I appreciate you taking the initiative to bring the pallet up, but we have a warehouse person to do that. let's make a list of things that need to be done up here in your area and it will really help me out if you can get them done during downtime - and if you need help with something, let me know." or something similar. Its much nicer to be recognized as a helper even when you didn't mean to be than it is to be accused of being disrespectful, even if you were trying to be...just my two cents.

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