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Ebay & Today

March 24th, 2008 at 03:41 pm

I could've posted this yesterday, but I forgot! When I was going about listing a few random items on Ebay (mostly stuff I got for Christmas that I'll never use/wear) to see if they would sell, I checked my Paypal account and realized that I had $34.13 left in there that I had never transferred to my bank account when I sold a textbook last month. I have no idea how I forgot about it, but it was a nice surprise!

I have two other books that I might try to sell. I usually wait until early January or late August, so that people are needing them for classes, but I guess I might as well try now, before they're obsolete!

As far as spending goes, I didn't eat out again today (I'm really on a roll with this), but I did buy two packs of cigarettes on my lunch break. It's kind of weird to even put that down as an expense, because I'm not really even a "smoker", so it's weird to even think about them as an expense. I usually only smoke sporadically when I'm around my brother, etc., but since I have a 40 minute drive to and from work, and I'm by myself except for the dog & cat, I have started out of boredom I guess. I go through about a pack every two weeks, so the two packs I bought today should last about a month. That should be about the same time my BF is moving in, so then I won't be bored anymore! Ha!

Anyway, the cigarettes were $7.94 with tax, and I paid cash. I also had to get gas this morning, which I used my debit card for, and it was $15.

I also got my signing bonus today!!! Apparently they didn't want to direct deposit it like they did my other two paychecks, so I had a paper check waiting in my manager's office. The total amount is $2,952.50, which is about what I had expected.

The mail brought my health/prescription cards today, and those are effective the 1st of April, so I should be set there!

So mostly good news, but I do have one nagging little issue going on. My new checking account, which I had opened online before I moved (in the hopes that it would actually be up and running when I got here) is getting so freaking complicated. It seems like opening a checking account would be one of the simpler things that banks do, but apparently not!

First of all, when I submitted our account application online (a month ago), I was told that I would receive notification via email in a few days to let me know it had been accepted & opened. This was true, a few days later I got the email thanking me for opening the account, and telling me that we would be receiving a "welcome kit" in the next few days with our account documents. Fast forward a few days and I am already moved, and a few days after that I get the paperwork in the mail, but it has a signature document in it that we (me & my BF) are both supposed to sign and apparently mail back in.

Keep in mind that my BF is now TWO states away. Needless to say, he gave me permission to sign his name & I mailed it back in. Prior to this, I had tried to call the 24 Hour phone support number they have to ask where we were in the process of actually being able to use the account. Unfortunately, you cannot access anything to do with your account unless you have a "security code" attached to your SS#. If you don't have a security code (which I didn't of course), you had to request one, and then they tell you it will arrive in 7-10 days!!! So I requested the code, and meanwhile mailed the signature paper off.

A few days later, me & BF both received our debit cards, and called to activate them. I tried to get online and check the balance, since I had received a notice that they had posted my opening deposit of $50, and it kept telling me that I already had an online account. I finally ended up calling the online support number (different from the 24 phone support), and she told me that I had a username & my password was the last 5 of my social. Could someone not have told me this, either over email or in the series of documents I was sent?

So I check the balance and it says that I have a $20 debit for gas (which was fine), and then a $1 debit three days later for "credit card...." The more I think about it, the more I wonder if I am getting charged to use my debit card???

I haven't used the card for anything else, but the second charge was 3 days after my gas purchase? I would call about it, but I haven't received my security code yet!

Now on to the next issue... checks. Apparently we are not getting any with our new account, nor are we getting a check register or deposit slips. No problem, I think, I will just order my own. I go to Walmart check printing online, and I find some simple inexpensive checks that will cost about $7, try to order them, and it asks for information off an EXISTING check. So I decide to try and order through BBT, even if it might be a little more expensive. I go to the online site for ordering through the bank, and picked out a style that I didn't particularly like because there was very little selection. I get almost all the way through the ordering process for one box of checks before it tells me the price. $29 for one box, of about 100 less checks than the Walmart site!

Long story short, I refused to do that. I plan on calling them (as soon as I can figure out how to actually speak to someone) and ask about both the $1 charges and the check ordering process.

Until then, I am not going to deposit my signing bonus into that account, not if it costs me $1 every time I use my debit card to spend my OWN money. I also need to close out my old checking account, which now has a balance of about $3,500, before my BF moves up here, but I don't want to do it now because of how complicated it's all been!

Eh. This is what I get for trying to be prepared and open an account before I actually needed it.

Well, enough of my rant, I am going to see if I can actually get something productive done tonight. Smile

4 Responses to “Ebay & Today”

  1. thriftorama Says:

    You really have to watch those checking account fees. You may want to try another bank

  2. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Wow, that sure doesn't seem very customer friendly to me. For the Walmart checks - do you need more info than the routing number and account number? Did your bank give you any temporary checks that you could get info from?

    I agree with Thrift - you may want to look into a totally different bank. Maybe even check into a credit union. I'm assuming you're a nurse (signing bonus)- so I'd check and see if there were any kind of credit unions which cater to nurses.

  3. sillyoleme Says:

    Actually I'm not a nurse (although it sounds like a good deal lol), I'm in a management development program for a large retailer at the moment.

    As far as the checks, I'm still confused. I didn't even get temporary checks with the account! The Walmart site is asking for the name of the bank, and says some banks require that their name be printed exactly as on your existing checks, which is a bit of a problem since I don't have them.

    I did figure out that the $1 charge was made by Experian when I checked my credit score (did the whole one month free trial, I have no idea why I was charged $1). So HOPEFULLY, that means I can use my debit card without punishment. I am going to go ahead and cancel the free trial with Experian tonight, and see if I get refunded the $1. The good news of the ordeal was that I was pleased with my score! Smile

    I am not pleased with this bank so far. I chose it because it was the only one with branches in both my new state and my old state (where I hope to end up and where my boyfriend still is at the moment), and it's a larger one, so I figured there wouldn't be as many problems. Wrong!

    If I have time between cleaning & work today and tomorrow, I might see if I can stop by an actual branch and talk to them about the issues. I need to pick one to do my personal banking at anyway. Here's hoping it works out!

  4. frugaltexan75 Says:

    That really is strange that you didn't even get temp checks. When I opened an account at Chase recently, they gave me temp checks even though I told them I wouldn't be needing any checks at all.

    Could you just ask when you're at the branch to see a sample check?

    Sorry about the nurse thing. Smile That is the profession I hear the most people mentioning "sign on" bonuses. Obviously, not the only profession with that kind of a deal. Wink
    Experian probably charged you a $1 as a "trial" fee. If you signed up for one of those "free" trials to check your report, they generally do charge $1 to make sure the cc # you gave was valid. Then when the 30 days (or whatever) are up, they start charging you the full cost.

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