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I have superpowers.

July 14th, 2008 at 06:54 pm

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Okay, maybe not. But I did poke a hole in our wall with my finger tonight. Just one finger, my index to be exact. I was vacuuming in the dining room when I noticed a small bump on the wall. I thought it looked like a bubble in the paint or something, so I poked it (gently) with my finger, and my finger went straight into the wall. I can't wait to explain that one to BF. The 90 pound dog swings old shoes and toys against the wall, and doesn't so much as dent it. I poke it, and now there's a hole. Superpowers I tell ya.

We've gotten alot of last minute tidying up done today. BF did alot before he went into work, and I've done some since I got off. We still have a little laundry to do & put away, and need to clear off the dining room table of all our paperwork and randomness. His sis, brother-in-law, and niece will be here at about 5:30 tomorrow night, before I get home from work even.

I realized that my brother's girlfriend's birthday is today. I called and left a message for her on my brother's cell phone, and I'll have to get a gift card and put it in the mail to her tomorrow. I don't know why I was thinking it was the 21st?

Our pup is doing much better, or at least it seems that he is. He didn't poop at all from 6pm yesterday until about 7pm tonight, and then it was a little firmer, without noticeable blood. Still not quite right, but closer.

And he's been running around like a madman. I took him out a few minutes ago to pee, and he proceeded to slip out of his collar (I always feel like it's too tight, and then he does that), run like wild across to the other buildings, and start sniffing. I finally caught up to him and threw it back on, but it took way more energy than I had planned on. I didn't even have my shoes on all the way! Then we got back in, and before I knew it, he almost had his leash chewed in two. Currently he's laying beside me on our LEATHER couch, which he has NEVER been allowed on. He really just jumped up here like he owned it, and now he's sleeping and I don't have the heart to make him get off. He gets away with alot by his good looks. If he punctures the leather, and I have to tell BF how it happened, I am gonna die. He always says that I spoil him.

Well, I'm off to make BF's favorite dinner... salmon patties.

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