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BF got a job call!

June 26th, 2008 at 08:03 pm

So I did manage to go through some clothes today. I have two LARGE trash bags full, and the hanging space in my closet it filled to capacity. Now I just have to finish going through the rest of my piles of clothes and figure out where I'm going to hang the rest I'm keeping. It is weird to have your clothes hanging in other bedrooms? Lol.

I'm currently watching the "Fear Itself" series on NBC, and I have no idea why. Those kinds of shows always scare the patootie out of me, but I always get so sucked into them. At least BF is here now. Smile

The trip to the park today was fun. We ended up taking sandwiches and chips, and of course some water for the pup. We tied his long leash to the picnic table while we ate, then let him "explore" the park area. It was actually alot bigger than I thought, I guess you can only see so much of it from the road. There were all kinds of little bridges over the stream that ran through it, and trees and such. Apparently there is even a public pool up there, which we had no idea about! But in summary, a good time was had by all. The pup was so worn out from his adventuring, I didn't think we were gonna be able to get him up the stairs.

Other good news, BF had a job call today! It's a grocery store, and they said they were originally looking for two part-time people, but since he had experience, maybe they could offer him full-time. He is going tomorrow for an interview of sorts, so I guess that's when he'll find out if it's actually "full-time" with benefits, and the pay and all that.

In our budget, he needs to make $900/month, or about $225/week (based on 4 weeks per month). So I figure, with taxes, he'll need to work 40 hours/week and make $9/hour. Of course, he'll want retirement and health insurance taken out if he is eligible. But we are already paying for individual health coverage for him, which is probably more expensive anyway, so it will hopefully be a wash. So everyone please keep your fingers crossed that he gets good news tomorrow! $9/hour and full-time with benefits would be incredible at this point! Smile

7 Responses to “BF got a job call!”

  1. shiela Says:

    i've got my fingers crossed for you.

  2. Blue Eyes Says:

    I hope your BF gets the job!!

  3. sagegirl Says:

    ~~~~~Sending good vibes for the job situation~~~~~~

  4. JanH Says:

    Sending good thoughts on the job interview! Keep us posted! And, yes, we have dress clothes, winter coats, and work uniforms in the "office" closet--another bedroom. I love having somewhere else to hang a few items that--except for the uniforms--don't get used as often.

  5. Ima saver Says:

    Sure hope he gets the job!!

  6. scfr Says:

    Good luck! Please let us know how it turns out.

  7. sillyoleme Says:

    Thanks everybody! I just posted an update... mixed emotions right now! Smile

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